Pointing to Jesus

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Pointing to Jesus

John the Baptist is a fitting messenger for the season of Advent. His call for repentance is not meant to take the joy out of the season, but rather to point us to the reason for the season, namely the coming of Jesus as Savior. John’s proclamation is filled with images of cleansing: straightening paths, cutting down useless trees, and burning away chaff. Why? John wants us to clear the way so that our focus on Jesus will be undistracted and our posture will one of grateful humility.

How are you preparing for the celebration of Jesus? Do the signs and symbols, the music and merriness, the gifts and glad tidings of the season distract you from or point you to Jesus? May every Christmas light remind us that Jesus comes to be the Light of the World. May every gift given be offered not out of obligation but out of a love that reflects the grace seen in the greatest gift ever given. May all our efforts in worship and evangelism, education and social ministry point, not to ourselves, but to the real presence of Jesus in and among us.

Please don’t miss our annual Lessons and Carols this coming Sunday at 7, more information is below.  The service will be livestreamed if you are not in the area and a nursery will be provided!

Advent Blessings, Pastor Mark

Special Memorial and Gifting Opportunities:  If you would be interested in providing a gift or memorial to cover the costs of special seasonal liturgical items please contact the church office!  The due date for giving Poinsettia is Monday, December 19th.  Order forms are available in the Narthex or the church office.

Advent Wreath Candles

Christmas Eve Brass Musicians

Christmas Eve Candlelight Candles
Restored Christmas Altar/Table Paraments 

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