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18, July, 2016Posted by :WorshipMusic

What a wonderful weekend this past weekend!   Along with welcoming Pastor Mark Bernthal as he begins his ministry with us, and all 3 of us (Pastor Mark, Pastor Shelly and me) being together for the first time, we also dedicated our new altar/table!  It was totally coincidental that these two things happened the same weekend, but it nice that they did and that Pastor Mark was able to be involved in the blessing and dedication of this new Table!
The new altar/table was custom made locally by LaCorte Woodworkers just for Our Savior.  While it has been traditionally called an “Altar” it is also a “Table”.  Looking more like a “table” emphasizes what it is really about…the place from which we receive that foretaste of the feast to come, the Holy Meal, the Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper. Look in the future for an article by Ryan that further explores how we can use both terms with no worries but in our worship and liturgy it functions as a Table for a meal not an Altar for sacrifice, stay tuned for that!
Choosing this new table has been the result of at least 2 years of conversation about seating and use of worship space.  This was something I really wanted to help bring into being before my retirement.  With the possibility of more flexible seating in the future, we wanted an altar/table that could also be moveable so that it could be set up in the center of the church for special occasions or just farther out into the nave closer to the people so that musicians could be set up where the current altar is, etc.  Also, a moveable table would be a big help for some programs or concerts.  The marble altar weighed over 1500 lbs. and was definitely not moveable.
However, since this marble altar/table has been a part of Our Savior since the first worship space was built, it will still serve us, but now it will be incorporated into the outdoor altar which we use for our Easter Sunrise services and other outdoor services.  A huge thanks to Mark and Angie Davia, Ronnie Lindner, Jim Michos, Ed Elsebough and Brian Rodgers for the amazing job of moving that altar!  The cost of moving it was going to be $1800, so they just decided to put their brains and brawn to work and made it happen with some amazing engineering and cautious leverage…along with some plain muscle.
And how wonderful it is to have Pastor Mark here officially and become a part of the life and ministry of Our Savior!  After worshiping with him this past weekend all the more affirmed the guiding of the Holy Spirit and the fact that he is the one to be here with us at this time in the life of Our Savior.  If you weren’t able to be here, you can watch the service by clicking here.
We wish Pastor Shelly a happy and safe vacation for the next few weeks and I look forward to working with Pastor Mark as he settles in here with us.
God bless us all!       See you in church!      Pastor Jack +




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