What a Week!

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

23, May, 2016Posted by :WorshipMusic

Record breaking rain! Floods! Computers down!  Primary candidate for Pastor met with our church council (a day late because of the flooding)!  And in the middle of all of that I was in the Keys performing the 500th wedding to be recorded for Our Savior Lutheran Church.   What a week!As always, it’s now good to be home and be a part of the unfolding of all that is going on.   Having arrived back to a still somewhat soggy Vero Beach on Sunday afternoon, my first “back to work” thing was our Men’s Breakfast on Monday.  Great time and place to get caught up.  It is also a great group of guys who are a reminder to me that the church is in great hands, as it was through the big storm last week, and as it continues to be as our life together unfolds.

And speaking of our life together unfolding, attached is a word from the chair of our Call Committee, Linda Aiken, which was shared this past weekend at worship.  Please take note of all the good information shared here and plan on coming by Friday for the “Meet and Greet” of the recommended candidate for our next pastor.

Also, remember, this coming Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer schedule with worship at 6pm on Saturday and just one service on Sunday at 9:30am.   The important congregational meeting to vote on the new pastor will immediately follow worship Sunday morning!
Whew, what a week!  Please join us as this all unfolds for all of us here at Our Savior.     Have a blessed week.

See you in church!    Pastor Jack Diehl +




It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to the edge of a step forward into our Church’s future.  After listening to the call committee and interviewing him themselves, the church council has followed the recommendation of the call committee, and both the call committee and the voting  members of the council have voted unanimously to bring this candidate to you the congregation for your affirmative vote.  This important vote will take place immediately following next Sunday’s 9:30 am service.


This coming Friday there will be the opportunity for you to meet the candidate.  This will take place (with light refreshments and some live background music) here in the Narthex.  It will be an opportunity to shake his hand and meet both he and his wife.  We are hoping that many of you will make it your priority to come both to welcome Meet and Greet and then return on Sunday to vote in his Call.


In the meantime there are staff, council members and call committee members who have already had the opportunity to meet the candidate.  They have name tags on, their phone numbers are in the most up to date church directory and phone numbers are always available through the church office.  Call them, ask them your questions over this week and seek them out for their impressions and to answer your questions at the Meet & Greet this Friday afternoon.


I’ll tell you that this candidate is experienced.  He has served as a mission developer of a church in a poor Florida county and grew it from zero members to a congregation of 600 members.  He has enthusiasm for Evangelism and Stewardship. He has been recognized as a very able administrator and serves currently as the only pastor in a church located in a resort community not unlike our own,  and he is an admired FL-Bahamas Synod pastor.  This means he is well known in the broader FL-Bahamas Synod community, he understands the seasonal expansion of a church like ours, and he is no stranger to Florida’s unique weather challenges.


Personally I can share that he preaches the good news of Jesus and finds great satisfaction and joy in watching people grow in their discipleship. He is excited that we have 100 children and young people in our congregation.  Faith formation is a priority for him.


He is as big a fan of our Pastor Jack as we are. He sincerely  admires both Pastor Shelly and Ryan, and working with them in a team setting is an important reason for his seeking this call.


Please come on Friday afternoon and make him feel welcome.  Please come on Sunday and extend our call to him with your vote.


FYI  —  The vote on Sunday will be a single vote to both call our candidate and to ratify the candidate’s compensation package as thoroughly examined, approved and presented by the congregation council and required by the synod.


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