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This past Sunday a couple of major milestones happened:  one for Jack Canteenwalla (our newest grandson) and one for Henry Alan Nesper, son of Jefffrey and Megan Nesper (grandson of Terry and Lousia Zovic and Bill and Val Nesper).  I was at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Longwood, our daughter and son in law’s home congregation, for baby Jack’s baptism, and Henry Alan was bapbized here.  By all the family and friends gathered at both places you can tell these were big milestones for the babies and the families. 


When I think of “milestones” I can’t help but translate that into nautical language, and I think channel markers, like in the Indian River.  The channel markers, like milestones, are reference points which let you know where you are, where you are going and if you are on the right track.  Baptism is that great early milestone or channel marker which says to the child and to the families, who and whos this child is, and what direction and shape his or her life will take as a chosen, beloved, child of God.  All good reason for family and friends to gather and celebrate as so many of us did this past weekend, both here at Our Savior and at St. Stephen’s in Longwood. 


This coming weekend we get to celebrate another milestone, both for our minister of music and for us as a congregation as our bishop, Bob Schaefer will be joining us for Ryan’s commissioning as an Associate in Ministry in the ELCA.  This is a rostered position, like a pastor who is “set apart” for “Word and Sacrament” ministry, except an Associate in Ministry is “set apart” for “Word and Service” ministry.  Some AIMs serve as teachers, or administrators, or in Ryan’s case, as a minister of music.  This is an important milestone for him as well as for our congreation as he joins the ranks of other rostered leader in the ELCA, set apart for ministry in his particular area of service.   His commissioning will be at the 9:30am service on Sunday followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall.  Another happy milestone, or channel marker, along life’s journey, indeed!  Thanks be to God!   See you in church!


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