Help Needed!

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

16, March, 2015Posted by :WorshipMusic

“In the end, you need help.  To think otherwise is arrogance or ignorance…mostly arrogance.”  This is one of my recent most favorite quotes, from a successful, self sufficient, smart and savvy guy.  He was talking about God’s grace and faith as a gift.


During this season of Lent, we are invited to live in that grace of God and accept it as a gift…the help we need to become whole and truly alive as God intended.


By coming to worship, both on the weekend, and also on Wednesdays at either 11am or 7pm, where we hear faith stories from fellow members of Our Savior, we grow in our faith and in that wonderful, healthy, Life-giving dependant relationship with God.


Along with these regular Lenten events, this coming weekend we have the opportunity to gather together for a workshop on Saturday and another event in our “Fine Arts” series on Sunday afternoon at 4pm, presented by singer, songwriter,  Ray Makeever.  This will be a fun afternoon of stories and music!  Ray and his family will also be joining us for worship and a workshop this coming weekend.  You won’t want to miss being here.  Bring a friend!   See more info below.


PS. You can still register for the workshop (click here for more information) – open to anyone with a love of music and congregational song! Contact Ryan at


And for more information about the life and ministry of

Our Savior, please visit our website at


Thanks, and have a blessed week!     Pastor Jack Diehl

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