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Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

16, February, 2015Posted by :WorshipMusic

Applause for a sermon?    Lutherans aren’t big on applauding in church.  What happens in church aren’t “performances” that are usually met with applause.  What happens is church is giving glory to God, not to “performers”.  But sometimes an “applause” is just a natural reaction or response that wells up from within, and can’t be held back.    That sometimes is a response to something our children do in church,  either because we are moved by their contribution or because we feel it’s a way to affirm their participation.   


But sermons?  This past Sunday however was the exception.  Rev. Dr. Fred Meuser was our guest “seminarian” for this year’s “Seminary Weekend”.  This weekend just happened to fall on the last Sunday of the season of Epiphany this year, Transfiguration Sunday.  And we were “transfigured”, transformed by his being with us and the Good Word he shared and the 11:00 service responded with an affirming applause, it was a way of shouting Amen and Alleluia all at once.  And the fact that he was able to preach such a great sermon, along with leading the adult Sunday School class between the services, was all the more remarkable since he is 91 years old, and drove to Vero with his wife from Orlando where he lives, to be with us.  He is a wonderful example that God is never done with us, as long as we live and breathe.  Click here to see and hear the sermon.  


With the season of Epiphany now behind us, we enter the season of Lent this Wednesday / Ash Wednesday, with services at 11am and 7pm.   (No meals this week.  They will resume next Wednesday).  Ash Wednesday is a day when we look in the eye things that the world likes to try to deny or avoid even thinking about: death and repenting.  Come and see why we can and should think about those things as we enter this season of Lent and what the ashes on our foreheads say about those things.   


Then looking ahead, beginning next Sunday during the adult Sunday School class we will begin some conversation about communion practices across the church and also share some thoughts and hear feed back and comments about the altar rail being removed from around the altar.  This will all make for some good conversation as we continue to live into being God’s people in the world today.


Finally, this coming weekend the Women of the ELCA will have a Rummage Sale on Saturday 8am – 2pm.  You can bring in donations for the sale all week between 9am and 3pm.  Proceeds go to a number of local community needs.   The Blood Mobile will also be on sight to receive donations on Saturday morning.  


For more information about life at Our Savior, please visit our website at: or “Like” us on Facebook.  


Have a grace filled week, and let your light shine!    

See you in church!   Pastor Jack Diehl +


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