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09, June, 2014Posted by :WorshipMusic

Bewildered, amazed, perplexed, renewed!


That’s often what happens when the Holy Spirit breaks onto the scene.  But in that bewilderment, amazement and being perplexed and renewed, Life is being breathed in.  That’s what we got to celebrate this past weekend with streamers, fire, different languages, special music, and lots of red…wow.  Must be Pentecost!   I know people say they can experience God in a sunset, or on the beach, or fishing, on the golf course, or…whatever.   All that can be true.  But there is no substitute for being in community with the Body of Christ to worship, sing, pray and gather around the Table together. On that Pentecost over 2000 years ago, it was when the disciples were gathered together that the promised Spirit came to them.  And it is that same Spirit who continues to come to God’s people as we gather together today.  (“Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them.”)  To get a glimpse of this past weekend’s worship together, you can click on here to hear the sermon.


Speaking of a time and place where the Spirit is at work…Day Camp (June 16-20) is around the corner for children entering grades 1 through 8!  There are still a few spaces left.   Thanks to all who have brought in the camp supplies requested.  We now have plenty of paper tubes and magazines.


This past weekend we again we saying “safe travels” to many who will be going on vacation or to northern homes for the summer.  May your ways be safe and may you get to worship in some other places with other members of the Body of Christ, where the Spirit continues to breathe Life into God’s people.   That’s some of what we (Karen and I) are looking forward to as we head out Tuesday morning for Ohio (see grandkids!), then Chicago (Seminary reunion and continuing education), then Springfield MO (family) then back to Florida.  See you in July!


Peace and Joy,      Pastor Jack Diehl +    www.oursaviorelca.com

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