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I hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend!   That’s one of the reasons this is a “mid-week” email, instead of a regular Monday O.S.E-news.  Looking back, this past Sunday, following our 9:30am worship (into our summer schedule now thru the Labor Day) we had our annual Spring Congregational Meeting from about 10:35 til 11:15am.


At the meeting we heard about a newly established “Trudy Schmidt Scholarship Fund”which will be matched dollar for dollar up to $20,000 by an anonymous friend of Trudy’s!   What a wonderful opportunity to help support our young people.


We also began some conversation about replacing our original pews in the church with more flexible seating.  This would allow for more over all capacity, more room for our music ministry and  the ability to rearrange the seating and position of the altar.   The conversation was met with lots of interest and input.  A sample seat can be “test driven” in the lobby across from where coffee and cookies are served after worship.


Our finance person, Vernon Khail, gave a finance report.  We are in a good healthy position going into the summer, with income for the year about $30,000 ahead of expenses to date. That always is helpful with lower attendance during the summer months.  Our indebtedness is well in hand also, with a balance due of only about $170,000 of “in house” notes to congregational members.  Many thanks to all for making such a healthy financial position possible.


Several new Congregational Council Members were elected including:  President, Vernon Khail;  Worship, Kari Rodgers;  Outreach, Jim Tardi;  Youth and Family, Michael Hyde;  High School Youth Representative, Mary Hyde; Education,  Rosemarie Mason; and Finance, Dick Eggert.   Other council members either re-elected or continuing to serve their terms are:  Secretary, Lori Nelson; Property, Mark Davia; Vice President, Nancy Ogonoski;  Treasurer, David Lanyi; Stewardship, Clint Rahjes;   Social Ministry, Ingrid Biesaart; Fellowship, Karen Reed; and Nurturing, Len Frosina.  Many thanks to all who have served (President, John Banitt; Worship, Marjie Silkworth; and Education, Suzanne Bolinger) and those who are newly elected or continuing to serve.    Installation for Council Members will be during worship the weekend of June 7-8.   Lots of wonderful gifts represented in these fine folks.


Looking ahead to the next few weeks at worship, with three festival weekends in a row!   This coming weekend (May 31-June1) we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus.  We will also be presenting scholarships to a number of our young people who are graduating or continuing their college degrees.   The following weekend (June 7-8) we celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the church, the coming of the Holy Spirit!   The following weekend (June 14-15) will be Trinity Sunday.  If you’re in town, you won’t want to miss any of these opportunities for worship and hearing the Good News in some special festival settings.  And remember, one service on Saturday at 6pm and one on Sunday at 9:30am!


Finally, below is some information about an event in our community for all Care Givers!   The Center for Spiritual Care offers some wonderful programs, and this is one of them!


VNA’s V.P. Karen Ritchie on

Hospice Myths and Stereotypes, June 19, at 2 p.m.

As part of our ongoing Care for Caregivers supportive community for caregivers, Karen will dispel the myths and stereotypes about Hospice care that keep people from receiving the help they so often desperately need when caring for a loved one.  She will explain how Hospice works, and what it can offer patients and families to assist with their caregiving commitment.   Care for Caregivers, held 1st and 3rd Thursdays, offers caregivers time to vent, share helpful information and support one another. 


Center for Spiritual Care
 1550 24th St.
 Vero Beach, FL 32960
 (772) 567- 1233


For more information about life at Our Savior, please visit our website at:  www.oursaviorelca.com.


Peace, Joy and Happy Summer!       Pastor Jack Diehl +

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