Greetings from Pastor Shelly

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM

31, January, 2019Posted by :WorshipMusic

It was a gift to represent the whole family of Our Savior Lutheran Church this past week as Pastor Shelly Satran was installed as the Lead Pastor at Faith Lutheran Church in Glyn Ellyn, Illinois. It was a wonderful celebration of being Church Together as we thanked God for the past, looked forward to the future, but mostly drank in the gift of the moment that was filled with the presence of God and the Spirit of God’s goodness. Pastor Shelly sends her greetings and love to all, and as Pastor Paul Lutze reminded us last weekend in his sermon, Shelly’s greeting would likely be the reminder she so often offered at the beginning of sermons: “Grace, mercy, and peace ARE yours through Our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lord.”

​​​Such a greeting gifts confidence, doesn’t it? God is with us here and now, offering his presence, peace, and purpose as he calls us into discipleship and the greater mission of the Church.

Blessings, Pastor Mark and Deacon Ryan