Wilderness Time

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM

20, February, 2018Posted by :WorshipMusic

  On the first weekend of Lent, we were reminded that Jesus spent an extended time, 40 days, in the wilderness. Wilderness time is a time of arduous trial, a time of desolation, a time when the evil or even the devil seems to be around every corner. 


On the first day of Lent this past Wednesday, wilderness time hit hard as news of another senseless school massacre, this one just down the road, began to  sink in. Is there any doubt that an extended time of mourning and lamenting, a time of struggling and questioning, a time of coming face to face with the reality of evil is ahead of us?


Thanks, Pastor Shelly, for a powerful and personal message in worship (click here to view livestream), and for reminder of how the traditional spiritual disciples of Lent (fasting, prayer, and giving for the sake of others) can aid us all in wilderness time. In Lent, we are called to fast from the things that we might otherwise use to numb the wilderness. In Lent we are called to pray more, because when you face the wilderness, when you name it and face it instead of numbing it, you need more prayer. And in Lent, we are called to give more of ourselves, because even if we are not in the wilderness right now, someone else is. 


As we journey through wilderness time, may we both know and share the presence and peace of Christ.


Pastor Mark

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