Heartbreak on Our Journey

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM

27, February, 2018Posted by :WorshipMusic

Lent 2 (B)

I fear in the dark and the doubt of my journey; but courage will come with the sound of your steps by my side.

And with all of the fam’ly you’ve saved by your love, we’ll sing to your dawn at the end of our journey.


As we journey through Lent, we are reminded that our journey through life is not void of heartbreak. Of course, amid heartbreak we want a strong God, don’t we? When the crushing weight of hardship bears down on us, when the voices of despair drown out all others, when it’s one disappointment after another, we want a strong God to avenge our hurts, to right all wrongs, and to put us back on top of things.

Yet, this past weekend in worship, we were reminded that we don’t always get the God we want; instead, we get the God we need; a God who in Jesus meets us in our heartbreaks and who walks with us in our sufferings and deaths; a God assures us that renewal and resurrection await those who endure; a God who calls us to walk with him no matter what the journey brings. 


As long as I live, Jesus, make me your servant, to carry your cross and to share all your burdens and tears.

For you saved me by giving your body and blood. As long as I live, Jesus make me your servant.

As you journey through this week and beyond, know that Jesus walk with you as your life, your peace, and your love.

Pastor Mark

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