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Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

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Sunday’s All Saints worship was a holy moment. We began at the font, naming those who in the last year were baptized into Christ. When we moved to the table and the Lord’s Supper, we named those who in the last year died in Christ and now live eternally as the blessed of God. Click here to watch.

As we moved from font to table, we heard Jesus’ beatitudes from Matthew 5 which teach us about walking with Jesus and becoming truly blessed, truly happy in God, no matter life’s circumstances. Indeed, whether intended or not, Jesus’ beatitudes seem to suggest a journey for disciples daring enough to follow. Here’s the journey:

First, we recognize we are in need (we’re poor in spirit).
Next, we repent of our self-sufficiency (we mourn).
Then we quit calling the shots and surrender control to God (we’re meek).
So grateful are we for his presence that we yearn for more (we hunger and thirst).
As we grow closer to him, we become more like him, forgiving (we’re merciful).
We change our outlook (we’re pure in heart).
We love others (we’re peacemakers).
We even endure injustice (we’re persecuted).

Such a journey is not easy, and may even seem foolish in the eyes of the world in which we live, yet the Jesus who journeys with us promises to his followers a sacred blessedness that is as enduring as well as eternal.

Even as we were worshiping on All Saints Sunday morning, another group of worshippers encountered tragedy and death in yet another senseless act of violence. We pray for our sisters and brothers in Christ at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. We pray for a peace which passes our human understanding. We pray, again and again and again, the words of Jesus beatitudes, asking that the blessedness of God might descend among all people in need.

Blessings, Pastor Mark

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