Caring Before Condemning

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28, March, 2017Posted by :WorshipMusic

Caring before Condemning

In Sunday’s Gospel, the disciples question Jesus: “Teacher, whose sin caused this man to be born blind, his own sin or his parents?” But rather than see him as an opportunity for discussion (let’s talk about his sin!), Jesus saw him as an opportunity for God (oh, that we would look at others and see the same thing)! Why was he blind? Jesus suggests, “So God’s power could be shown in him” (John 9:3).

What a perspective! In Jesus’ eyes, the man wasn’t a victim of fate; he was a miracle waiting to happen. Jesus didn’t tag him, he touched him. And because Jesus was more concerned about his future than the past, he healed him both physically and spiritually as he was gifted with both sight and faith.

In this Lenten season, may Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, open our eyes anew as he touches the dark places of our lives with healing and forgiveness, and may Jesus shine through our own efforts to model his work of accepting people, loving before judging, caring before condemning.

We rejoice with parents Charlie and Kelsey at the baptism of Spencer Frank Frago!  May the Lord bless him and keep him as his life unfolds to the glory of God.

Blessings, Pastor Mark

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