Backpack Blessings and More!

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

01, August, 2016Posted by :WorshipMusic

  Backpack Blessing!  Hard to believe, but school is about to begin.   Due to a change in the school schedule, in order to end the first semester by the Christmas break, schools in Indian River County start earlier than ever with teachers beginning Wednesday August 3 and kids starting Wednesday August 10!
What that means is that this coming weekend, Aug. 6-7, will be our annual “Blessing of the Backpacks” weekend.  Kids are invited to bring their backpacks to church, as well as teachers invited to bring lesson plans or whatever for a blessing as another school year begins.
It’s especially fitting that the second reading for this coming weekend is about walking by faith into a new chapter along life’s journey.  Abraham, who had been well established where he was, was invited by God to pack up and head to a new land.  So, by faith, not knowing where he was going, trusted God and headed out.
Throughout life, new chapters continue to unfold.  Not only is it a new school year starting, but in the past week alone I know of several families moving into new homes (the Berniers, Halls, Curts, Hansons, and Brombachs to name a few).  For some families, with children growing up and going off to college, that’s a new chapter both for that young person and the family who now has one less person in the house.  Or, on the other end, there are families who are expecting a baby (3 of whom I think of offhand.)
And oh yes, I’m also thinking of another person who is approaching that big new chapter in life called “retirement” (me) with both excitement and trepidation.  And then there are the sad new chapters that are also a part of life: illness, loss of a spouse, or other losses or difficult challenges.  What new chapter in your life is about to unfold?
God is always calling us to new things.  And we don’t always know exactly what that will look like.  But this weekend we will hear, along with Abraham, a Word of hope and promise for all the new chapters that come our way along life’s journey.  Come, join us, as we walk together down life’s road…and as we gather to offer a blessing to our children and teachers as another school year begins.
See you in church!     Pastor Jack Diehl +

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