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13, June, 2016Posted by :WorshipMusic

Heights and depths.  Joys and sorrows.  Tragedies and triumphs.  Within just a few hours and a couple of days, we have, and continue to experience all of these things.

This past weekend our Florida Bahamas Synod met for our annual assembly in Daytona.  The theme for this year’s assembly was “Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters” (Amos 5:24).  It was a great assembly filled with laughter and hope and promise as we heard of how God is at work within and around and among us.  But it was also filled with reflection and soul searching as we wrestle with how to meet the needs of a hurting world and be messengers of God’s justice and peace in a broken world.

One of the highlights of the assembly was Sunday morning as we recognized, blessed and sent out 26 young Luther Springs staff and counselors (including our own Sarah Lanyi and Laura Scott who will be working with our young people at Daycamps…several of those wonderful young counselors are here with us this week) and at camp at Luther Springs this summer.

What made that recognition and blessing so meaningful was that it happened just hours after that horrendous, unthinkable act of terror in Orlando where over 50 people were killed.  There is a deep darkness and evil that plaques God’s beloved yet broken creation.  But at the same time, God promises that His Word of Love and Grace and Mercy and Justice and Peace, is a stronger Word and a Word that will ultimately prevail.   That is the Word that is being shared and celebrated by those 26 young leaders, by our Daycamp here at Our Savior and in our community and in camps and churches and communities everywhere this day and this week.

As specific opportunities surface that we can be a part of to be that other Word, that Light in the Darkness, we will keep you posted.  In the meantime, pray, be kind, be thankful for the blessings you have and keep the faith.  God is good.  Lord, have mercy.

See you in church.      Pastor Jack +

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