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11, January, 2016Posted by :WorshipMusic

Relationships!   It’s all about relationships.  That’s why God created the world in the first place…to be in relationship with his creation and creatures.  This past weekend in worship we remembered Jesus’ baptism and thought of how in our own baptism we were brought into relationship with God and and each other.  This coming weekend we hear of Jesus first miracle in the Gospel of John, turning water into wine, at a wedding. Relationships!


A week from today is Martin Luther King Jr Day.  We are invited to be a part of the Martin Luther King Jr. parade.  We have never been a part of that before, but this year we will be there as a way of helping to build bridges between our communities. Relationships.  It is only in nurturing and developing healthy relationships between people and communities and races that our world can find hope and healing.


If you’d like to be a part of the parade I will have my truck  there for us to ride in with Our Savior signs on either side.  As the parade gets underway you can walk along side and hand out candy to the kids along the route.  We will meet around 9am near the corner of 37th Street and 18th Place.  The parade starts at 10am.  There will be a sign up sheet in the narthex this coming weekend, along with an Our Savior t-shirt and more details for any who would like to join us. The parade ends at the Gifford Youth Park where there will be all kinds of good food and activities and opportunities to connect with our neighbors. Relationships.


Join us for dinner this week, on the menu is Chicken Parm!  Thank you to all who work tirelessly to feed and build relationships with the 80-120 folks who break bread together each week.


In Christ we have been brought into a relationship of love and trust with our Creator.  As we gather to worship and gather around our Lord’s table, we nurture that relationship. We are then sent out into the world to share that with others.


See you in church!   Pastor Jack Diehl +

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