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28, September, 2015Posted by :WorshipMusic

  Sunrise!  September 28, 2015 

Here on the east coast of Florida, we get some beautiful sunrises.  Experiencing those is always a great way to start the day.  For some reason, something occurred to me about sunrises that I hadn’t thought of before.  The most beautiful sunrises always involve clouds or threatening weather ahead. (Remember the old saying, “Sunrise in morning, sailors take warning!”)  Without clouds or threatening weather, clear skies don’t offer near the wonder and beauty of a sunrise like in the picture attached.  (This was one off of South Beach in late summer).

Which made me think…isn’t that often when we see and experience the grace, mercy and presence of God in our lives in a special way, when we are going through some storms or clouds or some kind of threats to our well-being?  For it is in those times that God often meets us with the promise that we aren’t alone, that we are loved, and that God’s Light permeates the Darkness.  After all, God was there on that darkest of all days, Good Friday, when darkness covered the earth and all seemed lost.  But on Easter morning, the Light overcame the Darkness, the Son rose, and a new day dawned.  May each beautiful sunrise be a reminder of that for you…especially when the clouds roll in and a storm threatens!

And speaking of seeing God in nature, this coming Sunday, Oct. 4, is a day commemorating St. Francis of Assisi, known as the patron saint of animals and the environment.  We still have a lot to learn from Francis today, so be sure to join us for worship this coming weekend.

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Have a blessed week, enjoy some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and we’ll see you in church!      Pastor Jack +


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