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We heard in worship yesterday about Jesus sending out the disciples two by two to share the Gospel (Mark 6:6b-13). Jesus gave the disciples a packing list of sorts that were fitting words for our youth who head out this Wednesday morning (3:00AM!) to attend “Rise Up,” the ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit. Jesus’ words are fitting for all of us wherever we are coming or going because we are always called to be on a mission of God’s grace infusing hope in the world.


Jesus’ words can be summed up:


1)     Pack light
        2)      Use the buddy system when you can.

3)      Rely on the hospitality of others.

4)      If you meet a “closed door,” shake it off, and move on

5)      And most of all rely on the Holy Spirit.


Please keep our OSLC youth, the other 29,000 Lutherans attending, and the city of Detroit in your prayers. 

Last of all, speaking of comings and goings, we received the letter below from David Young as he settles into life at seminary at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, OH. 

Grace and Peace,

Pr. Shelly





Letter from David Young:

Dear Church Family,


Thank you for all the support and encouragement as i headed off to Seminary two weeks ago. Words cannot fully express how much I appreciate all that you have done for me and continue to do as I follow God’s call.


I am settling into my apartment on campus at Trinity Lutheran Seminary and began my intensive Greek Language class this week. It is hard work and is very challenging but I am enjoying the learning. There is an amazing community of faculty, staff and students that have made me feel welcome and a part of something spiritual. 


Pastor Jack and Karen stopped by to worship with me on Wednesday as they were heading to Detroit for the Youth Gathering. I loved being able to share Word and Sacrament with them here. 


I’ll continue to keep you updated on my progress here and know that as I follow this path of learning and pastoral care, you are always in my heart.


In Christ Name,

David Young

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