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11, May, 2015Posted by :WorshipMusic

Irony!   My sermon this weekend was about being connected, a thread that ran through our readings the last two weekends, with that great image, Jesus the Vine, we the branches.  ​In this past weekend’s sermon I mentioned how one of the ways we are connected in the church today is through our service being live streamed.  So what happens?   For some reason something didn’t work, and no live streaming or recording of the service happened.  HA!  Talk about ironic!


I’m just glad that our connection with God is not as fragile as that!  As St. Paul reminds us, “Nothing in all of creation can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus”.


For a young wife and mother, that promise was really put to the test.  Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen was living and studying in Germany with her husband and young son, when an accident took her husband’s life and left her young son severely disabled.  This profoundly shaped her life and her theology, and led her to establish the OMG Center for Theological Conversation, which speaks to questions like:  Why? Does God care that I am in pain?  Did God make me suffer? How can I forgive…and why should I? and many many more of the hard questions of life.  To be a part of this conversation, you can go to


This is just another way that we can be connected with each other, as we live out that primary connection that God has established with us through Jesus, the Vine, and we the branches.  Without that connection, nothing else matters.  But with that ultimate connection with our Creator, everything takes on a new look and every other connection in our lives is a reminder and reflection of that most important one.


See you in church!    Have a blessed and “connected” week!    Pastor Jack +

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