Connected in the Risen Christ!

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM

27, April, 2015Posted by :WorshipMusic


This coming weekend we will hear a beautiful image of a Vine and Branches, and how when the branches are connected to the Vine, that means Life.  When disconnected, that means death.

We all know both the pain and joy of being disconnected or connected in relationships that are important to us.   Join us this coming weekend in worship as we hear about our most important relationship, that affects all other relationships.

And speaking of relationships and being connected, one of the ways we stay connected with God and each other is by being a part of a congregation.  We are in the process of working through a new way of becoming a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church, as spelled out in the following.   If this is something you’d be interested in, we’d be happy to meet with you about this.

Interested in Becoming

a Member of Our Savior



Becoming a member is a process of becoming part of the life and ministry of the body of Christ here at Our Savior. Every member of the body of Christ brings different perspectives, personalities, experiences, and gifts. The beauty of the family of God is each person makes it a greater whole.

We realize that because becoming a member is really joining in the life of the family of God, the best process to become a member is to do just that! So we have made some changes to our approach to membership. Instead of asking you to come to New Member Classes, we are asking you to meet with one of the pastors, complete a new member question form, and try one education and one service opportunity here at Our Savior. Some of you are     already doing these very things.


Find out more by picking up a new member brochure in the narthex, talking with one of the pastors, or calling the church office.

We give thanks for each person God brings through our doors and for the privilege to grow in faith together.


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