Ah Easter Life at Our Savior

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM

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The Resurrection and the Living Christ calls us into community…a special kind of community that says we are a part of something rare, something precious, something utterly revolutionary.  To quote Brian McLaren, on reflecting what those first disciples must have felt:  “It feels like an uprising.  an uprising of hope, not hate.  An uprising armed with love, not weapons.  An uprising that shouts a joyful promise of life and peace, not angry threats of hostility an death.  It’s an uprising of outstretched hands, not clenched fists.  It’s the “someday” we have always dreamed of, emerging in the present, rising up among us and within us.”


And we get to live into that new kind of community of faith, and nurture it in all kinds of ways.


Here are some of the ways that happens around Our Savior:


All Choirs start back this week at normal rehearsal times, including DayChimers at Noon on Tuesday.   Why don’t you come and try a group out for the final months of the season.  Contact Ryan for more information or questions.  The choir would love some more voices as our seasonal friends return up north!  Music@oursaviorelca.com.


A new Women’s Book Club starts tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the Quiet Room.  The first book the group will read is One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  Contact the office for more information.


Midweek dinners are finished for the year, they will resume this fall!  THANK YOU to all who cooked, scheduled, served, cleaned, ate and helped this past year. What a wonderful talented group of hospitality ministers!  If you would like to help in anyway in the future just contact Beth in the office or info@oursaviorelca.com.


For adults, age 50+, a Retreat at Luther Springs, April 20-22 (not too late to register!)  “Discover tools and resources to identify your God-given gifts to find meaning, passsion, and purpose for the second half of life.”  How great does that sound!?  And if you haven’t been to Luther Springs (about 45 minutes east of Gainesville), you can see where our kids go to camp, and experience another beautiful part of Florida.  (You can register online at novusway.com or email registration@novusway.com.)



9am to 3pm, June 8-12th

For ages 1st to 8th grade (as of fall 2015)


OSLC Day Camp is a week of just letting kids be kids–good clean fun like getting sprayed with the fire truck water hose on water day, outdoor games like counselor hunt and capture the flag, singing silly songs, church lock-in for the middle schoolers, lots of laughing and learning about God’s love for them.


And here is the best part, the cost of Day Camp is only $25 . . . for the whole week! This is due to a generous gift from a member of the congregation who subsidizes the rest of the cost. Registration forms here!



9am to 3pm, July 27- Aug. 7th (2 week camp)

For ages 1st to 8th grade (as of Fall 2015)


CAMP RHYTHMO is new this year to OSLC. Camp Rhythmo is put on by an organization out of New York run by Michael Bodnyck. Michael is a musician, teacher, and the son of a Lutheran pastor. Camp Rhythmo is a full-day two week camp that inspires young people to pursue lifelong health, build self-confidence and creativity through movement, music, and visual arts. It ends with a showcase program for parents of song, dance & art.


Registration forms here! Note registration forms can be turned into the church office. Cost is $175, but OSLC kids get a discounted price of $150.


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