Are You Connected?

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM

26, January, 2015Posted by :WorshipMusic

More and more I realize that being connected in a good and healthy way to God and to each other is one of the most important, life giving and meaningful things in life.  And being disconnected is one of the most painful, draining, hurtful things in life.

This past weekend in church, we experienced being connected in some wonderful ways.  One example was just after the 8:30 service ended and before the annual congregational meeting began.  Lori Nelson was arriving for the meeting.  As she came in through the front doors she said all the conversation and buzz sounded like a party from outside!  That’s being connected in a good healthy way.

Another way we experienced being connected was in continuing to put pins on the maps in the narthex where we live.  One of our members said, I didn’t know how many people from Our Savior live in my neighborhood!  I’ll have to find out who they are!

On a personal note, it was so great to have all the Diehl kids home for the weekend and at church together at the 11am service!   As many of you know, when the family grows up, it’s harder and harder to all get together at one time.  So, for us, this weekend, and being at church together, was a wonderful connection.

What I didn’t realize was that our being connected wasn’t just something we got to experience at church.   In her sermon Pastor Shelly talked about homebound folks being able to connect with Our Savior via a live stream of our service on their computers, (the link is always on our homepage under worship services). When we returned home from church we had a message on our answering machine from one of our homebound folks who has been a part of Our Savior for many years.   She said it was so good to be connected in this way, and to see our kids and grandkids, and  how they’ve grown, and that our one daughter is expecting, how cute our grandkids are, etc.  Wow.  More and more we are hearing how this wonderful gift of being able to watch the service when you can’t be here in person, is being used and appreciated by so many in so many places.  Please let us know if you are one of those who is able to be connected with us in this way when you can’t be here in person with us.


And speaking of being connected, you can click here for our annual report and click here to watch the annual meeting (including the awesome singing Sunday School kids!) which took place yesterday during the Sunday School hour.


As this week unfolds, may you experience being connected in a good and healthy way with God and others around you. After all, that’s what Jesus was about, connecting us with God and each other.  That’s why he came and that’s why we gather to worship and to be fed at his table, in order to nurture that holy connection.


Peace and Joy,  Pastor Jack +



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