We Are An Advent People!

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM

08, December, 2014Posted by :WorshipMusic

“We really are an Advent people….”



That was a comment heard after the beautiful Advent Lessons and Carols service last night.  Throughout the service we heard words, music and carols of hope and promise.  And many of the words we heard were from Bonhoeffer who was in a Nazi prison…a grim, dark, hopeless place.  But the promise and presence of the Christ child was a Light that shined in and through that darkness. (If you missed it you can click here to view the service)


Often when I talk with folks about life today and the world’s condition or our country, I hear discouragement, approaching hopelessness and despair.  And sure, there are plenty of things to make us feel that way.  But the question then is, in what or in whom do we put our trust or hope?  Do we trust only in mankind’s ability to get it right?  Do we look up to and trust in celebrities or political figures who let us down? (eg. most recently Bill Cosby and other public figures).   To put our hope only in things or people that are flawed and/or transient, is to set oneself up for disappointment and despair.


For me, hope comes from knowing a God who can and does enter our darkness, touch lives, and make people new.  That’s the God we have come to know through the Christ Child in the manger.  In Him, there is reason for hope.  In Him we see God not abandoning his creation to powers of darkness or to fallen people, but coming into the middle of it all bringing new Life.  In Him there is hope.  In what God can do and has done, there is hope.


That is what makes us an Advent people of hope.

Come, Lord Jesus!


See you in church!      Pastor A.C. “Jack” Diehl III +



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