Roots and Wings

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM

27, October, 2014Posted by :WorshipMusic

In case you missed worship this past weekend, here’s the question and answer from last week’s OSEnews.   What are the two most important things we can give our children?   Roots and wings!  By roots I mean being rooted in God’s forgiveness, God’s promise to be with us, and God’s claiming us as His own.  Roots that hold us fast in the storms of life, and from which we can draw nurishment and strength.  An important and life-giving gift!   But these roots don’t just mean we are members of an exclusive, secluded club.


Roots like these give us wings: wings that send us out into the world for good, to be God’s hands at work, to reflect God’s grace that renews, re-forms and continues to breathe life into the church, our lives and the world.


Roots and wings: two important gifts we need to give to our children, but also two important gifts God gives to each of us.


This coming weekend we get to continue to celebrate the gift of roots and wings as we celebrate All Saints Day!   Here is another opportunity to see how our roots are interconnected with both those who have gone before us and those with whom we share life’s journey.   Worship will begin at the Baptismal Font as we remember all those who were Baptized since All Saints Day last year.  Then later in worship we will remember all those who have died since All Saints Day last year.   This is always a  most meaningful service as we remember and give thanks to God for those special people in our lives, past and present, and hear again God’s call to be numbered among his saints.


Looking a little farther down the road, Advent is coming up.  This year we would like to get a new Advent wreath, one that matches our beautiful Paschal Candle holder near the Baptismal Font.  The cost is $250.  If you would like to give the new Advent wreath as a gift in memory of or in honor of a loved one (someone we may be remembering this coming weekend) contact the church office, or reply to this email.  Thanks.


For more information about life at Our Savior and ways to be connected and involved, see below or check out our website at


Thanks…and as this week unfolds, rememeber your roots, spread your wings and be who God made you to be!    See yo

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