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20, October, 2014Posted by :WorshipMusic

This past weekend Jesus talked about those 3 things you don’t bring up in polite conversation: Money, Religion and Politics.  But these are all important issues in our lives. 


This coming weekend, Reformation Sunday (!), along with wearing RED, and celebrating the confirmation of 5 of our young people at the 8:30 service, we will hear about 2 of the most important things we can give to our children.  (Which also happen to be 2 things that the church and the Gospel offers to all of us.)  Come and hear what these are in the sermon this upcoming weekend.  (For those of you who may be out of town, these 2 important things will be mentioned next Monday in this weekly email.) 


But whether it’s 3 important things, or 2 important things, along with those, there is one most important thing of all, and that is being connected: with God and each other.  That connection, or lack of connection, is what lies at the heart of life’s joys and sorrows, struggles and celebrations.  As we come up to Reformation Day and All Saint’s Day the following weekend, we celebrate and remember how God has come to reconnect with a disconnected people and world.  That’s a wonderful reason to celebrate and gather together!  


For more times and places to be connected (and have fun, or be a part of a great cause), check out the special events listed below this email! 


See you in church!    Pastor Jack +

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