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As a kid I remember hearing that parables were “earthly stories with heavenly meanings”.  That’s a little simplistic and not quite on the mark, but it does say that parables have an important message beyond the surface.  During recent weekends and for some upcoming weekends at worship, we are hearing a number of Jesus’ parables.  What they tell us about is the kingdom of heaven.  But the kingdom of heaven is not just something later on, out there somewhere.  The kingdom of heaven is a here and now realm in which we are invited to live everyday.


This past weekend the kingdom of heaven was compared to working in God’s field.  To some that may sound like, well….work.  But could that also not mean living and working with God and each other in a loving, trusting, productive, healthy, life-giving way?!  That sounds like the kind of “kingdom” I want to be a part of and live my life in!   To hear Pastor Shelly’s sermon on this recent parable, click here.


Come and see what Jesus’ other parables have to say to us…not just for sometime in the future, out there somewhere, but for here and now.


One of the ways we get to live out and experience the Kingdom of God among us is by gathering together in community on Wednesdays for supper. Wednesday suppers will resume October 8 at 6pm with a Church Picnic kind of a supper with hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. This will be preceded by our annual Pet Blessing at 5:30pm in the Memorial Garden.   This is always a wonderful gathering of pets and their owners as we give thanks for those furry creatures in our lives, and ask God’s blessing on them.


This Pet Blessing/Wednesday Supper Kick-off is being sponsored this year by Thrivent!  Many thanks to Thrivent and our local Thrivent Representative, Jose Pagan (772-257-6116, jose.pagan@thrivent.com) for making this possible.  Not sure what Thrivent is, click here to find out.


See you in church!


Pastor Jack Diehl +    www.oursaviorelca.com

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