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08, September, 2014Posted by :WorshipMusic

Relationships!   AAAHHH!  Relationships are where the best and the worst things in life happen.


Think about it……


At work:  I just talked to a carpenter friend who is going to start working for someone else after many years.  The main reason for the move is that he is not appreciated where he is. He’s a wonderful carpenter, but not valued by his current employer. His new employer sees in him the real gift that he is.  Relationships.


This past weekend, through our “God’s Work; Our Hands” project, we let the firefighters in our community know how much they are appreciated! See the pictures below.  We gathered food (coffee, cookies, peanut butter, pasta, etc.)  for the past few weeks and signed big thank you cards which were brought to all the fire stations in our county.  The reports coming back are that they were happy, surprised and grateful to be recognized and thanked for all they do.    Relationships.


At church and in our homes:  When there is a spirit of cooperation, love and mutual respect, that filters into everything that goes on and is such a joy.  When there is mistrust, power plays, unrest, that too filters into everything else, and is so painful.  Relationships.


This past Sunday (click to listen) and this upcoming Sunday in worship we hear about relationships and what God has to do with them.  Come and see and nurture that primary relationship, which affects every other relationship in your life, that relationship with your Creator, God our Father.


As a part of this coming weekend’s worship we will begin with the commissioning of our Sunday School teachers and pray for this new Sunday School year.  Sunday School is one of those settings where those relationships with God and with each other are strengthened and nourished.


Relationships; where the best and worst things in life happen.


See you in church.  Pastor Jack +

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