Relationship! O.S.E-News May 19, 2014

Saturday: 6:00 PM, Sunday: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM

20, May, 2014Posted by :AssociatePastor

As the 50 day season of Easter moves along, we continue to hear in worship “relationship” language. This past weekend “home” was an underlying theme. This coming weekend we hear “orphan” language and a promise of the coming of the Spirit.  Relationship!  One of the most important ways to nurture a relationship is simply to show up, to be there, to keep in contact. That’s why we said goodbye to a number of folks again in the past week or so, as they head north to spend some time with family and friends this summer, and nurture those relationships. That’s what we staff members will be doing this summer also, juggling our schedules so that we can take turns and make those trips to reconnect with family and friends “up north” and elsewhere. And that’s what we do when we gather to worship. We nurture our relationship with God and with each other.


This coming weekend, Memorial Day weekend, we begin our summer worship schedule, with one service on Saturday at 6pm and one service on Sunday at 9:30am. This is always a great way to get to worship with other members and friends of Our Savior who might worship at a different service from you during the rest of the year. In case you’d like to check out our church directory to help you put some names and faces together, you can view the directory by going to our website and clicking on “Church Directory” and typing in the following password: letyourlightshine


Also, this Sunday will be the first “Intergenerational-Anybody Choir” this summer. Anyone interested should gather at 8:30am to learn some special music to sing during worship at our 9:30 service. This is always fun with choir members ranging in age from 6 to 90+ years old! And along with singing, all children will have an instrument to play as well! So, come and join in on the fun.


Following the 9:30 am service on Sunday, we will have our Spring Congregational meeting at which time we will elect some new council members and share some “state of the congregation” information. It won’t be a long meeting, so we hope you can join us for that.


Have a blessed week!   See you in church!    Pastor Jack +


In the gospel reading for this coming Sunday, Jesus says that he will not leave us as orphans. One of the places where we are washed, fed, embraced and sustained by God is at worship. Come on Sunday, to join with all the baptized to receive the Spirit of the Risen Christ.

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