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Did you see him?  He was there, right in front of them, but they didn’t see him until he blessed and broke the bread.  Then their eyes were opened, and they saw him.   We heard that story again this past weekend, of the Emmaus road disciples.


How many times has Jesus been right there, in front of us, and we didn’t see him?  This past weekend as we gathered around His table, he was there…again.  I saw him…. in the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the happy and the hurting ones, all at the same table…being fed, being forgiven, being connected.  The Easter story continues.  The Risen Christ is present here and throughout the world, where the bread is broken, the wine is poured, and God’s people are gathered.  He is also present in the hurting ones, the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the sick. “Whenever you did it to one of the least of these (fed, gave a drink, visited, etc.) you did it to me.”   Did you see him?   The Easter story continues to unfold (click to listen).  Christ is Risen, and he’s here…right in front of us, in many ways.

Do you see him?



One of the happiest things we do at Our Savior is to welcome and get to know new people who have come to our community and become connected with our congregation.  This coming Wednesday we have the first of 3 “get acquainted” gatherings for anyone wanting to know more about Our Savior and who might like to become a member of Our Savior.  We meet at 7pm in the Quiet Room off of the narthex in church.  The 2nd of the 3 gatherings will be Sunday, May 11 at 9:45, between the services, and the 3rd gathering will be Wednesday May 14 at 7pm, again in the Quiet Room.   Anyone interested in getting to know us and each other better, are welcome to join us for these get togethers.


Looking ahead, our Summer Worship Schedule begins Memorial Day Weekend, with worship at 6pm on Saturdays (that stays the same all year) but only one service on Sunday at 9:30am!  So, please mark your calendars.  This is always a special time of the year when we get to know others in the congregation whom we might not see by having 3 services and get to worship together at a time that’s not too early or not too late!  (But come early if you want “your seat”).  🙂


And finally, on Memorial Day Sunday (May 25) we will have our Spring Congregational meeting following the 9:30 service, where we elect some new council members and get a little “State of the Congregation” update.  Won’t be a long meeting.  All is well. Hope you can join us.


For more about life at Our Savior, please visit our website: www.oursaviorelca.com.      See you in church!   Pastor Jack +

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