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Interactive Holy Week!?    It only seems fitting that since Christianity is based on the fact that God came to become one of us, to interact with us, that as we enter Holy Week and approach Easter, we would have some interactive experiences around that event.  And it begins on Palm Sunday.   We begin worship by processing in with palms waving remembering Jesus’ royal entrance into Jerusalem.   Later in worship we will all take part in telling part of the Holy Week story as it was told in Matthew’s Gospel.  At the end of worship, as we begin that walk toward Good Friday, we will hold our Palm Crosses high, as we sing our sending hymn.  We become a part of that story.


But even before worship begins, as we gather, this year we have the opportunity to lay down some clothes, as the people of Jerusalem laid down palms and clothes welcoming the King of Kings.  But these clothes will be laid down on tables in the narthex for Camp Haven.  Camp Haven is a place for homeless men to regroup, get their lives together, and move away from homelessness to becoming a productive part of the community.  Attached is a list of things (of which clothes are just a part) for us to gather this weekend only, as a one time special in-gathering to help this new ministry in town.  “As you do this for the least of these, you do this for me.”  Please take a look at the list, and see if there’s something you can bring.


Looking ahead, we will worship on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday at 7pm, then on Holy Saturday our children and families get to celebrate Easter in a special, interactive way at 10am.  There will be an Easter Egg hunt, games, goodies…a wonderful gathering of kids and families!   This is also a great time for grandparents to bring visiting grandchildren!


At 9am that same morning, members of the Youth Group and some of the men of the church will be setting up for the Easter Breakfast and the Easter Sunrise service.   So, if you don’t have children to bring to the Easter Egg hunt, you can come and be a part of that preparation for the Easter Breakfast and Sunrise Service.


Lots of interaction in many ways around the heart and core of the Christian faith, Holy Week and Easter.   Hope you can come and be a part of it all.


See you in church.    Pastor Jack Diehl +    www.oursaviorelca.com

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