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“With fear and great joy”:  that’s how the first witnesses of the Resurrection, (the 2 Marys) headed out to tell the disciples “Christ is Risen!”  With fear and great joy…at the same time.  How many times haven’t you experienced those feelings…at the same time!?   They are usually connected with a major milestone along life’s journey: a move, job, marriage, graduation, etc.  


We often head into new situations”with fear and great joy”.   But the “great joy” part isn’t just whistling in the dark or comes from having positive thoughts.  The “great joy” ultimately comes only from knowing Jesus the Risen One who has had the last word over those things which threaten us: His Life is stronger than Death, His Love is stronger than Hate, His Light is stronger than the Darkness.   Because of that, because of Christ, we can head into the future, yes with fear (which is a natural part of the human condition) but at the same time with great joy, because Christ is Risen!


So, come, continue to celebrate with us that Good News during these 50 days of Easter which began this past Sunday.  And in case you weren’t able to join us for Holy Week or Easter, you can click here to hear the sermons from Maundy Thursday and Easter morning.



As these 50 days of Easter unfold, here are some things that are going on that you might want to be aware of:


God Pause begins again this Wednesday at noon in the Garden Room–a time of prayerful reflection and study on God’s word, bring a Bible.


Sunday School resumes on Sunday morning 9:45am for all ages.


The Adult Sunday School class will welcome our friends from Haiti and have a chance to learn more about what progress IS being made in Haiti.


First Communion classes start this Sunday meeting in Room 4. These classes are for children whose parents determine are ready to begin receiving communion. One parent is asked to attend the classes with the child(ren). Classes are 9:45am this Sunday and next Sunday, meeting in Room 4.


Interested in becoming a member of Our Savior?   There will be a series of 3 get acquainted gatherings on May 7, 11 and 14 (Wed./Sun./Wed.).


See you in church!     Pastor Jack Diehl +

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